Why cuddling?


We're Cuddlable!!!

Karis is our primary cuddler and can come to you or has a location in Stapleton where you can meet her. She's an excellent listener, is comfortable in silence and likes to chat when you do. She's at home in almost any environment and gives A+ hugs!! Book an appointment with her today by calling 720-308-8737.


Try your first session for FREE!

Contact us for a 15-minute free session to see if cuddling is for you.

 The Certified Cuddler will offer poses and options to make each individual client comfortable while delivering a close, personal connection through physical touch. All touch given and received will be done with platonic, non-sexual intent and consent. Poses may or may not include direct eye contact based on personal preferences and may vary anywhere from holding hands to leaning into one another in hugging and cuddling positions. There are strict rules about avoiding inappropriate touch on the part of the cuddler as well as the client and all individuals who wish to receive the service must read and sign a waiver that outlines the boundaries of the service. 


Add Cuddling to Your Other Self-Care Routines

So you're eating healthy, seeing your doctor regularly, taking 30-minute walks and playing games to increase your memory and stave off cognitive decline. So what else can you add to your personal health regimen to keep you feeling good both emotionally and physically? Get a good cuddle session and increase your feelings of well-being, not to mention your oxytocin and seratonin levels!