comfort cuddling: professional cuddling in Denver

comfort cuddling: professional cuddling in Denver

comfort cuddling: professional cuddling in Denvercomfort cuddling: professional cuddling in Denvercomfort cuddling: professional cuddling in Denver

A Denver-based platonic cuddling service

About Cuddling

Personal Cuddling Service


Many people don't get enough positive touch in their lives and we're here to help. 

    Studies show that as little as 20 seconds of positive touch, like hugging, can increase the level oxytocin in the body which has been linked to decreases in depression, stress, 

anxiety, cortisol and insomnia.

 Healthy serotonin levels have also been linked to positive touch. Serotonin has been shown to play a role in decreasing: anxiety, aggression and impulsive behavior. It has a hand in helping regulate our mood, appetite, healing and sleep and also some cognitive functions including memory and learning.   

Certified Cuddlers


 A Certified Cuddler is someone who is at least 18 years old, has been certified in a training program and who provides platonic touch services 

for those 18 and over. 

This service is not, and cannot be a replacement for a romantic connection. 

However a Certified Cuddler can offer a shoulder to lean on as well as becoming a trusted listener while providing comforting hugs 

and soothing holds.  

Great for seniors, caregivers, 

singles and those who live alone.

How Do I Get Started?


Call 720-675-8126 for a free personal consultation and sample cuddle.

You could find that being a cuddle buddy with a Professional Cuddler in Denver 

is just the right fit for you!

We can come to you but some people would rather meet in a public place like a park or movie theater. If you don't have a place to meet 

we can arrange for one.


One-hour Cuddling Session

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Get started with a one-hour session for you or someone who needs a good cuddle.

Gift Certificates Available

Know someone who could use a good cuddle? Call 720-675-8126.

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Professional Cuddling in Denver. Start enjoying the health benefits of a good cuddle buddy today.

Comfort Cuddling

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